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Exclusive Distributor for Biogents Public Health Mosquito Control 陷阱


Effective November 1, 2020, 乐虎网 is the exclusive distributor for the Biogents line of public health surveillance products in the United States, its territories and the Cayman Islands.

This includes the following Biogents products used for public health mosquito control:

  • BG柜台2
  • BG计数器
  • BG哨兵
  • BG-Pro
  • BG-GAT
  • BG吸引
  • All replacement parts for these items

乐虎网 is excited to be able to represent this line of emerging surveillance technology to the public health marketplace,凯文·马格罗说, 执行副总裁, Strategic Partnerships. “Our operational service and field science teams have been working with Biogents Counter and Counter 2 traps for two years now and they see this type of technology having the ability to change the way mosquito control programs are conducted in the future.”